My Blog Is Migrating. Again


This is the third time I am moving my blog from one spot to another. Initially, it used to be a website with all the coding done in Notepad. A painful activity, if you ask me now. Hoping to increase the automation of my website, I moved everything to a Blogspot account, which worked for a couple of years. Later on, I gave that Blogspot for a WordPress site of my own, that served me well.

Today, I am migrating my blog again. And, in the next five or six weeks, I will try to condense everything in one place. Mainly, because I want to spend less time with the updates of the CMSs (content management system) I use and more on developing relevant content. Secondly, I plan to change the look and orientation of my blog entries: I will reduce the number of political opinions to a minimum and focus more on my research interests and work.

At the same time, I want to include my kids in this project, by writing more about the books my family reads. My wife and I want to stimulate them to read and write. They are too young to start writing on their own, but this would be our target for the near future.

I am not going to transform the blog into a commercially driven vehicle, but I do hope to make my ideas better known. Especially my ideas on professional and organizational ethics, as well as those on the ethical implications of new and emerging technologies. I would be a hypocrite not to admit that increasing the visibility of these ideas will be beneficial for my work.

The old content

As I said, this new blog will integrate some of the old content. Most of my posts related to ethics, education and research will make their way into this new home, but the rest will be deleted by the end of January 2021. So, will be closed forever.

I do not have the time to read and review the texts I am keeping. Consequently, some typos will be perpetuated until I find a moment to sit in front of my computer and take care of them. But any suggestion or recommendation would be very much appreciated.

New section, new cookies

A new section was added to this blog, but it will be kept separately. This section will include some of my ‘soft texts’: book reviews and book presentations, interviews and critical notes, as well as my articles for various non-academic online and printed publications.

It will be like a box full of cookies of different shapes and flavours. My cookies. All in one place. With links to the original publications or photos showing them in their printed version. I have been plagiarized several times and this is my way of making sure people can identify the source.


I have also included a section dedicated to events; either my events or those I participate in. It will be more of a ‘marketing’ tool, where I post information about the keynote speakers, my contribution and other interesting things. But there will be no aggressive advertising or anything like that.

English or Romanian, or both?

I have been dealing with this problem since my first attempt to build a website. Some people asked me to write in Romanian, others suggested to open my ideas to a broader audience. I prefer to let my topics and my mood decide the language I use. Even so, the website itself and all the details about my professional activity are in English.


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