#SlavaUkraini - Brief Note No. 3

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Marina Ovsiannikova

This image with Marina Ovsiannikova live, in the news studio of Russia 1, protesting against the Russian aggression in Ukraine is not about defiance, but about democracy and freedom. In the past 26 years, Russia turned from a country in search of democracy to a full authoritarian state, where Putin and his closest allies control not only the financial capital and public institutions, but also the lives of the millions of Russians. One simple example that can really illustrate this is the Kafka-like situation mentioned in the press the other day, which described the arrest of young person holding a white paper, with no written message whatsoever, in his hands in a public square.

To have a person arrested for holding a white paper in his hands is an abhorrent act. Just like the arrest of a 80+ years old lady who was holding a white dove made of paperboard in her hands. This is what a political regime of a dictator does, not the one where the president is democratically elected. Actually, in a democracy, Putin could have not been elected for the 3rd time. This former KGB agent changed the Russian constitution to make this possible.

Some people say he presents all the signs of a mentally (Daniel David, the Rector of the Babes-Bolyai University, for example), others









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