I am what some people call “an independent researcher”, a person involved in research activities without an academic affiliation. When I decided to be no longer associated with any Romanian university, I was already working with the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics and Syene Centre for Education, two NGOs engaged in applied research. In recent years, I had the opportunity to work with them on various projects that served very pragmatic purposes: from worldwide practices in ethics institutionalization in the Insurance industry to the integration of EduTech in Romanian educational system.

This page is about my current projects. For obvious reasons, I am not going to provide too many details. There is also a page with a list of past projects. Some are accompanied by external links, which lead you to more detailed descriptions.

Some of the current projects are on long-term and will find their way in one or more publications. Others are used as background for various things: from training programs to policy briefs or institutional decisions. And all of them are connected with each other in at least a couple of points. For instance, the project on whistleblowing investigates one element discussed at general level by the MECOPP project, while the first part of the CE.CSBK19 covers the ethics institutionalization in healthcare organizations included in the same MECOPP project. Similarly, COMEth-10 covers the ethics institutionalization in media organizations and professions, which was also part of the MECOPP analysis. At the same time, SustainablePro takes further an idea only briefly noted in my remarks on CSR/Sustainability during the MECOPP project.