Research / Past Projects

I am posting here a list of past and current projects I was involved in, both as team member and/or coordinator. Some materials are password protected and are available only to selected visitors. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to write me.



Ethics & Compliance Management in Romanian Public and Private Organizations [MECOPP RO] (Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics, since *2006. Project coordinator)

The Concept of Happiness according to Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas
(University of Bucharest, 2002-2013. PhD research project)

Authority in the Latin Middle Ages. A Cultural Pattern
(independent research project, 2001-2004)


PAST PROJECTS, with my involvement

Public Policies for Education (EduPOL)
(Association Syene Center for Education, 2019-2020. Public Policy & EduTech Expert)

Building Institutional Capacity of Ministery of Internal Affairs in European Affairs Management
(Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romania, 2012-2013. European Affairs Expert Trainer)

Training and Development for Ethics and Integrity Assurance in Public Administration
(Center for Legal Resources, Romania, October 2013-April 2015. Integrity Management Trainer)

Developing a Monitoring Mechanism for Implementation of Anti-Corruption Actions according to 2012-2015 National Anti-Corruption Strategy within the Local Public Administration
(Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Romania. 2015 Anti-Corruption Expert)

Evidence-Based Action Against Corruption: the European Integrity Systems Project
(Transparency International Romania, 2012-2013. Ethics & Compliance Expert, Training Coordinator)

Cell Therapies in Development of Regenerative Medicine. Strategic Priorities [STRATEC]
(CCEA, 2010-2011. Ethics Expert, Project Assistant for the partner organization)

Together for Integrity, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
(Transparency International Romania, 2012-2013. Ethics & Compliance Expert)


Talking about the failure of ethics institutionalization in Romanian universities
The 2nd national conference on Ethics and Professional Culture (EPC2011): “Meddling with other people’s work. Cross-disciplinary approaches on moral conflicts and (mis)communication in organizations” (Cluj-Napoca, April 15-16, 2011)



Discussing some ethical challenges related to cloud technology
Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics, 4th edition: “Ethical Challenges in New and Emerging Technologies” (Bucharest, October 29-30, 2011)