Talking about the failure of ethics institutionalization in Romanian universities
The 2nd national conference on Ethics and Professional Culture (EPC2011): “Meddling with other people’s work. Cross-disciplinary approaches on moral conflicts and (mis)communication in organizations” (Cluj-Napoca, April 15-16, 2011)



Discussing some ethical challenges related to cloud technology
Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics, 4th edition: “Ethical Challenges in New and Emerging Technologies” (Bucharest, October 29-30, 2011)

My Projects and Research Directions

I am posting here some a list of past and current projects I was or I am involved in, both as team member and coordinator. If you want to learn more about my work in any of the directions presented here, then just follow the links. Some materials are password protected and are available only to selected visitors. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to write me.



Ethics & Compliance Management in Romanian Public and Private Organizations [MECOPP RO 2012-2020] (CARMAE, since 2012, project coordinator)

The Moral Brain. Making Ethical Decisions in Problematic Situations
(CARMAE, 2016-2020, project coordinator)

Geographies of Virtue. Ethical Perspectives in Communication
(CARMAE, 2015-2020, project coordinator)



Ethics & Compliance Management in Romanian Public and Private Organizations [MECOPP RO 2009-2012] (CARMAE, since *2006, project coordinator)

The Concept of Happiness according to Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas
(PhD research project, University of Bucharest, 2002-2013)

Authority in the Latin Middle Ages. A Cultural Pattern
(independent research project, 2001-2010)


PAST PROJECTS, with my involvement

Building Institutional Capacity of Ministery of Internal Affairs in European Affairs Management
(Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romania, 2012-2013, European Affairs Expert Trainer)

Training and Development for Ethics and Integrity Assurance in Public Administration
(Center for Legal Resources, Romania, October 2013-April 2015, Integrity Management Trainer)

Developing a Monitoring Mechanism for Implementation of Anti-Corruption Actions according to 2012-2015 National Anti-Corruption Strategy within the Local Public Administration
(Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Romania, 2015 Anti-Corruption Expert)

Evidence-Based Action Against Corruption: the European Integrity Systems Project
(Transparency International Romania, 2012-2013, Ethics & Compliance Expert, Training Coordinator)

Cell Therapies in Development of Regenerative Medicine. Strategic Priorities [STRATEC]
(CCEA, 2010-2011, Ethics Expert, Project Assistant for the partner organization)

Together for Integrity, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
(Transparency International Romania, 2012-2013, Ethics & Compliance Expert)