I write both academic and business materials: from research papers and books to policy briefs and various materials for the general public. I am not a prolific author and I refuse to become another slave of scientometric criteria to measure if I qualify as a good academic or not. I still believe my academic performance should be judged by my academic activity and not my efficiency in obtaining research grants or by looking at how much literature I produce, where I publish it and who is mentioning my name. Moreover, in the recent years, I come to realise that most of the best literature — in terms of quality of research and applications, in terms of methodological soundness and ethical conformity — in my fields of expertise was produced not by academics, who write tons of useless papers because they have to (especially those that do not hold tenure positions), but by people with strong research background and working in companies, not in universities or research centers.

For my own convenience, my publications are divided as follows:

  1. BOOKS: (1) My volumes – (1.1) Published, (1.2) Forthcoming or in progress; (2) Edited volumes – (2.1) Published, (2.2.) Forthcoming or in progress; (3) Other editorial work – (3.1) Journals, (3.2) Books.
  2. ARTICLES: (1) In volumes; (2) In peer-reviewed journals; (3) Forthcoming or in progress
  3. VARIOUS PAPERS: (1) Book reviews; (2) Critical notes & other papers; (3) Bibliographies & other research tools)
  4. TRANSLATIONS: (1) In volumes; (2) Laboratory; (3) Unpublished
  5. NON-ACADEMIC PAPERS: (1) Policy briefs, surveys, analyses etc.; (2) Handbooks and guidelines; (3) Articles in printed serial publications; (4) On-line texts

Integrity in Public and Private Space. Prevention and Necessity for Ensuring Trust in Social Relationships

Integritatea in spatiul public si privat. Preventie si necesitate in asigurarea increderii in raporturile sociale

Ethics and Neuromarketing. Implications for Market Research and Business Practice

Proceedings of the International Conference "John Stuart Mill 1806-2006"


Ethics & Compliance Magazine, 2016, 1(2)