I am regularly involved in designing and delivering training programs in my area of expertise. I work both independently, as CARMAE expert and expert for external training providers (like Syene Centre for Education, European Institute of Romania, GLC Europe and others). All my training activities are customized according to the profile of my audience and objectives set with the client. This page contains information about my public training programs only; corporate training activities are not included and I do not intend to change that. This is not a marketing presentation.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC NOTICE: Given the present situation, all face-to-face programs have been suspended. Some of them were transformed temporarily in online programs, while others were cancelled altogether. This situation applies for activities scheduled for 2020 and 2021. If something changes during Q3 and Q4 of 2021, the entities I work with will provide a special notice to trainees and prospective participants. Vaccination is important and I encourage anyone to get their jab as soon as it becomes available to them, but physical distancing remains the most effective prevention measure.

Political Risks: Managing Political Uncertainty in the Business Sector

This is an innovative training focused on the governance of Political Risk in companies. Further details will become available by the end of June 2021.

Organizer: Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics

Trainers: Cristian Ducu

Type: Training

Period: Early-September 2021

Duration: 3 days / 24 hours

Format: Face-2-face training, if the pandemic situation improves considerably

Whisteblowing in Public Institution / Avertizarea de integritate în instituțiile publice

This is the 2nd training on this topic organized by the European Institute of Romania. Its main goal is to help civil servants to (1) understand the concepts and the technical language regarding whistleblowing (known in Romanian as „avertizare de integritate”, or „integrity reporting”), (2) to understand how can an effective whistleblowing system be built and the benefits for the public institution, and (3) to develop their skills in designing and implementing such a system internally. This training is not about the bureaucratic activities that surround the whistleblowing systems in the public sector, but about the right approach to make these systems work for the benefit of the society at large, of the whistleblowers themselves (their protection is key especially when their reports concern high corruption cases), and of the public institutions as well.

Organizer: European Institute of Romania

Trainers: Codru Vrabie & Cristian Ducu

Type: Training

Period: June 21-25, 2021

Duration:  4 days / 12 hours

Format: Online workshop

The Social Responsibility of Pharma Companies in Times of Crisis. Masterclass

The concept and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility have evolved in the last two decades at an increasing pace. Shaped by the public pressure and the exigencies of the industry, the CSR/ Sustainability programs became more and more focused on social engagement and consistency in corporate response. This four half-days training takes this and projects it onto various scenarios dominated by crises: from drug scarcity and medical or environmental crises to distribution failures and political conflicts. The main question is how can a Pharmaceutical company address its social responsibility in such a scenario and have its response validated by its stakeholders. All training activities will be online and include short presentations, case study analysis, group tasks using breakout rooms, jamboards, as well as project-based tasks. The trainees will receive the four case studies one week prior to the training and have the obligation to read it thoroughly before joining the first session. All training activities will be based on these four case studies.

Organizer: GLC Europe

Trainer: Cristian Ducu

Type: MasterClass

Period: March 1-4, 2021

Duration: 4 days / 12 hours

Format: Online workshop