The concept and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility have evolved in the last two decades at an increasing pace. Shaped by the public pressure and the exigencies of the industry, the CSR/ Sustainability programs became more and more focused on social engagement and consistency in corporate response. This four half-days training takes this and projects it onto various scenarios dominated by crises: from drug scarcity and medical or environmental crises to distribution failures and political conflicts. The main question is how can a Pharmaceutical company address its social responsibility in such a scenario and have its response validated by its stakeholders. All training activities will be online and include short presentations, case study analysis, group tasks using breakout rooms, jamboards, as well as project-based tasks. The trainees will receive the four case studies one week prior to the training and have the obligation to read it thoroughly before joining the first session. All training activities will be based on these four case studies.

Organizer: GLC Europe

Trainer: Cristian Ducu

Type: MasterClass

Duration: 12 hours distributed on 4 days

Format: Online workshop